About Our Camper

When we created our homemade camper in 2016, we didn’t think it would get so much attention at campsites! We get a lot of curious campers asking about it and wanting to share with friends.

On this page, we’ll attempt to keep up-to-date info on the specs and capabilities of “Tiny.”

Original Specs (July 2016):

Make: 2016 American Hauler 5’x10′ Cargo Trailer

Dry Weight: 735 lbs

Features: Turn & Brake Lights; Enclosed Interior; Rear Door

Problems: Rust; Formaldehyde-treated interior boards; Not a camper


August 2016 Modification Specs:

Finished Interior Space: 45.5 square feet

Freshwater Tank: 10 gallons

Wastewater Tanks (2): 16 gallons each

Primary Power System: Goal Zero Yeti 1250

Battery Capacity: 100ah (standard deep-cycle marine battery)

Solar Production Capacity: 60 watts

HVAC: Interior “portable” air conditioning unit; fan, cool, and dehumidify modes

Power Input: 15/20 or 30-amp campsite service; two 20-amp circuits via “Mini X-Treme” Power Distribution Center

Exterior Storage Box: 6 cubic feet; lockable

Problems: Not enough sleeping space; Shower connections leaked; Not enough power storage or solar production; No heat (Utah gets very cold at night)

2017 Updates:

Freshwater Capacity: 25 gallons (15-gallon upgrade; combined two tanks)

Battery Capacity: 200ah (chained a second 100ah battery)

Roof Rack: 4x galvanized steel struts secured to trailer cross-beams; can support solar panels, spare tire, antennae, etc.

Solar Production Capacity: 260 watts (added two 100-watt solar panels)

Communications: 2x 4G/LTE antennae + modem; 2x WiFi antennae + router

HVAC: ClimateRight 2500 exterior heating/cooling unit; gives us more interior space and uses a lot less power

Expanded Sleeping Space Dimensions: 14.7 square feet

Problems: Shower floor isn’t completely finished