What to Expect at Your Campsite

This might seem like a silly topic, but you’re bound to come across a wide variety of campsite types and reservation options when you’re taking your DIY camper on the [ … ]

Why We Decided to Camp Tiny

Camping in a 5’x10’ cargo trailer is hardly “living the dream” – so how did we end up doing it? Here are our thoughts on the cost-benefit analysis and decisions [ … ]

Creating a Tiny Camper: Have a Plan!

Taking on a DIY camper construction project isn’t a small commitment. You’re going to have significant skin in the game (and by skin I mean money) so preparation is essential. [ … ]

Preparing the Interior

The interior of your trailer will probably need some work before you start turning it into a camper. In our case, the boards that made up the floor and walls [ … ]

Selecting a Trailer Body

My wife and I knew we wanted to build a small, portable living space to use when we take road trips, as we discussed in “Why We Decided to Camp [ … ]